Sudanese Nubian Minority

Although Sudan had remained the main homeland of Nubians through their long history, their descendants today live in Sudan and Egypt as well. However, the majority of Nubians of today are Sudanese. With only a population of slightly above 300,000 they are a minority in both countries. Nevertheless, being African descendants they resemble other Sudanese people rather than Egyptians.

Respectively and with such resemblance and an inherited background of a great civilization and culture the Sudanese Nubian minority show a great deal of presence among other Sudanese. Their remarkable and positive contribution to well-being of Sudan is unequal and mismatches the reality of being a very small minority. In Egypt they are a minority of the overall minority Nubians of Africa and show less distinctive presence there.This is mainly due to the fact that Egyptians overwhelmingly promote their old Egyptian civilization which has got a lot of international recognition as well as been a arrival to the Nubian civilization.

Nubian in both Sudan and Egypt had suffered a lot from intentional overlooking to their history and culture as well as displacement, relocation due to flooding and inundation of their homeland by dams constructed south of Egypt. During this century the Nubian homeland had been inundated three times, however the 1960 Nubian Exodus remains as the most painful to all Nubians.