By: David Dawn
(updated: 6/16/18)

Everything is Energy - Ruth Montgomery

By freeing your attention from limitations we are able to attune to any thought vibration that we desire, and that will be, our outer reality. In order to free our attention from limitations we must simply tune in or contemplate that great I AM presence, our own true selves.

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This is part of a letter from one of Ruth Montgomery books

Everything is life and everything
is alive with consciousness.

Our scientists can trace the law of cause and effect all the way back to the subatomic particles, but beyond that they have no reckoning. Herein lies room for the emergence of a divine intelligence, which determines the arrangement of particles to form the various chemical elements that form the foundation of our material world. In reality things are not at all as they appear, because the physical cosmos is nothing more than the union of substance with intelligence. Thus we are dealing with a universe of vibratory action.

Everything is Energy

Do not think that life is bound to five vibrations of sensory perception, for it is much more. As we become more subtilized into our consciousness we begin to receive more rarefied octaves energy and light.
We must realize distance between the atoms in our bodies (with the atoms being building blocks of all matter) is exactly proportional to distance between stars. In other words, if we take two atoms and multiply them to the size of stars, the ratio of the distances between the two is the same. But, when we observe the life in our bodies - where does it exist?

-- Only the heart?
-- brain?
-- lungs?

Of course not... Life is present everywhere in our bodies. That is why if someone touches a part of your body you can feel it. Now, do you limit the life in your body to a cell or an organ? Or do you say that life is the universalized presence in the body? It is, upon thinking, universalized. That is why all living bodies radiate heat. Furthermore, do you think that life is limited to each atom, or is it the cohesive force which connects the atom? It must connect the atoms, otherwise why would they disintegrate upon the transition called death? Therefore life spans the space between the atoms.

Taking this concept to the next logical conclusion, is it so difficult to realize that since the relative distances between atoms and between stars are the same, that life permeates interstellar spaces as it does the interatomic spaces? This is the explanation of Christ, Rama, Krishna, Buddha - consciousness.

Just as you are the supreme consciousness in relation to the mini-consciousness
of the cell in your body, so is the Christ the supreme consciousness
in relation to the mini-consciousness of our egos.

With this in mind, we realize that all apparent individuals are only expressions of one individual, I AM. This I AM is life. It is pure unqualified energy, and whenever the I AM contacts matter, the matter is activated and comes alive.

Change Your Thought and you Change Your Life

In order to master tension we must learn to walk on water like Jesus, or if you will, we must learn to balance the emotional energies and transcend duality in our minds. Remember, all thoughts of anger, jealousy, irritation, deceit, fear and other negative emotions are only reactions to circumstances that appear in the outer world. Thus our mental state depends upon how we react. No one is forced to be angry or irritated, but the state of thought energy becomes encoded into our mental structures by repeated indulgences in them, and they thus become habits.

This is the great law...

All of these negative emotional habits keep our soul earthbound
in a self-created ego prison with bars molded out of thoughts.
Any limitations that we perceive are only in our minds.

-- God is the supreme and final I AM.
-- God is the all-invisible realm of thoughts from which everything comes and into which everything must return.
-- God in his aspect of creator is the original thinker and the original thought.

This coincides with the big bang theory in which a lot of scientists believe in. That is why there is only one law present throughout the entire system of universes. All has progressed according to his plan. Even we are only his ideas and action, and as such have no ultimate individuality except as him. We are only souls that inhabit thought worlds. Anyone who can grasp what is about to be discussed is getting a glimpse into his own future. For this is the destiny of every soul everywhere, to be like Jesus, the great Yogi-Christ of India, and the ascended Masters, all of whom exhibit the same awareness through identification with the omnipresent I AM consciousness.

Who is from this Planet?

No one is from this planet. Everyone is from God. or consciousness. Everyone on earth is actually a space being, but no one comes from outer space. In really we come from inner space. All that we are, are thoughts. This means that all concept of separation and personality is thought, but our consciousness, which is the I AM, is what animates these thoughts and is beyond thought. Thought itself comes and goes. We experience an idea and it passes. But our consciousness does not come and go, it remains ever the witness to these thoughts.

Letís go back to the original creation and understand what is the substance of creation. Creation is essentially the union of intelligence with substance. The great Yogis Paramahasa Yoganandn and Swami Vivekanandn were the first to reveal these secrets to the Western world. Both physics and Yoga philosophy describe a Big Bang or an initial point of creative outlet, which expanded into the physical cosmos. The Yogis say that in the beginning was the Word (yes, that is actually a Hindu concept) and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word is the sacred Aum vibration, the creative intelligent force that guides creation. All forms, thoughts, entities, ideas and concepts emerge from Aum, and Aum is omnipresent. As St. John said, without him was not one thing made, that was made. Aum is both the structure of creation, and this is the basis of awareness.

It is the physical atoms, which, through polarization, attach themselves to a particular astral blueprint that forms planets that is what is meant by gravity. Gravity causes all matter to be attracted to an invisible center. Were it not for the essential resistance to matter, matter would be absorbed into this point and disappear. Since there is resistance, different forms can coagulate about these invisible points and form worlds.

Do not forget, however, that we are still dealing with energy and energy forms in patterns. There is no such thing as solid substance. Matter is only condensed energy or thought. Whatever you think, you attract and become. Thought is the basis of creation. Thus the mass of consciousness determined by the sum total of all thought experience by all the souls on a particular planet determines the mass karma of that planet and that race. This also applies to nations, religions, cities, families or groups of any kind.

What are You?

Not what you think! Your outer reality or personality is what you think, but you are not that. Your outer self is a vehicle for your self-expression and you are internal. You are that which watches your thought pass through your mind. You are I AM, the internal uncreated silent watcher - you are pure unqualified life, the I AM that causes the heart to beat, the lungs to breathe, the food to digest.

Through the presence of consciousness, which you are, dumb matter that speaks and appears to be alive. By identifying with your thought, which is none other than qualified vibrations of life energy, we become attached to a particular reality pattern. But remember, first I AM, then I act. Your attention is your divine director. Let it be free.

By freeing your attention from limitations we are able to attune to any thought vibration that we desire, and that will be, our outer reality. In order to free our attention from limitations we must simply tune in or contemplate that great I AM presence, our own true selves. This I AM is beyond thought and is the only power. Think of this day and night and you will be free from the bars of negative thought.