Religion of the Kemet Civilization

By: David Dawn



Kemet Civilization

Changing your subconscious negative habits through meditation is the answer to a lot of our problems.

By freeing your attention from limitations we are able to attune to any thought vibration that we desire, and that will be, our outer reality. In order to free our attention from limitations we must simply tune in or contemplate that great I AM presence, our own true selves.

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This is the same knowledge that is denied
to us through the Bible of King James,
Book of Thomas, Book of Enoch, Book of Mary,
Book of Truths, and other books were left out of
the Bible to hide the teachings of the Kemet religion.

The Roman Catholic Church, the Free Masons,
Illuminati, the governments of the world and
authors of books, all profit in one way or another

in our present and past time. Now the elite of the world
is using some of these powers through the secrets of the
Kemet religion to stay in control of us today.

Knowledge is very important in life and we are here to educate the people of the world about a different way of thinking about religious teachings. This is looking at religion from our ancient ancestor's point of view, which was written out of our modern day history. We are not here to push you to change your religion or any of your beliefs. We want you to be more knowledgeable of the different theories of creation and religion.

There are a lot of scientists who believe in the big bang theory and this was the beginning of consciousness and thought with the positive electromagnetic energy that flowed in the big bang. This is where religion and science meets.

The Secrets of Self Improvement

By: David Dawn

This is referring only to the very basic aspect of the Kemet Religion. Before using the religion, a person must change as many of their negative habit as possible for the best results. There is a lot of people teaching the secrets of self-improvement and putting their own little twist to it. Actually the information of the secrets came from the Kemet Civilization religion which has been keep from the lower classes for hundreds of years. For example, Esther and Jerry Hicks made a book about learning the laws of attraction. How to get wealth, health and happiness through the teachings of Abraham who followed the teachings of the Kemet religion. I am going to add to the statements to add more information on the subject. I really think that her way of representing the secrets are a very good way of doing it.

Esther calls it co-creating source energy of a vibrational being, living in a time space reality. You are your own creator through the paths of life you choose to give your attention too which will help you to expand your self-worth.
Negative emotions are a sign telling you that you need to change. Be it your environment, company, attitude or the action you are about to do. Most of the time it is the feelings within yourself that needs to be changed because we cannot change other peoples actions, thoughts, emotions or feelings. We may be able to suggest a positive idea to a negative person and if they are a friend or not totally mad they might lesion to reason.

It is a good healthy natural feeling to be depressed, angered, worrying or board because it is your inter-self-telling you that you need a change. A key to changing your self is to do it in a relaxed state of mind. Do it in a gradual manner. Remember that you are really changing your subconscious negative habits and you must be very repetitious with it. Live your daily life as it is and be happy with yourself, but when you see yourself doing something that you do not like, then do something positive about it and go with the flow or your feelings. Do not worry about what other people think or do because their life is different than yours. The odds are the other people are not even thinking about changing their negative emotions to become a better individual.

There is a story Esther tells which helps people understand what to do with their emotions. She said, it is like being on a river and paddling up stream. When your feelings start to make you feel bad about something or you see yourself doing something that you do not like, then change your flow or your feelings and do something positive about it and go with the flow of the river. Your will find yourself going a lot farther in life. The odds are if you do not feel right about what you are doing then most likely it will not turn out the way you wanted due to the negative feeling. This brought about negative vibes which you had to fight the hole way or time to achieve your goal and you are really not satisfied with the end resolute.

If you smooth you desires or in other words work on changing your emotions everyday, then the things that you really want will come to you. Do not worry about how or when, forget about it and work on you and your goal at an easy but study rate. Do not push things for time or amount because these things being people who will help in one way or another and unforeseen opportunities will come through the vibrations of the universe. You are looking for the vibration match of what you are sending out to get a vibrational relief.

Success will come with the control of vibrations rather than the control of action. Act only if you feel the need to act. Remember the power of the vibrations of the universe will bring you the things you will need to meet your goals. You are the creator of your own experience in life.

The greater the contrast will bring about the greater self-expansion of yourself in your life. Picture your success of your goals from beginning to end until it vibrates from you as soulful vibrations. Give everything the benefit of the doubt. Look in the direction of where you want to be. Speak in the direction you want to go. Feel the emotion of the things you encounter in your travels of life.

The way our life is set up, is that we are the creator of our life and our own reality and we create this through the vibrations that the universal laws respond to. That is why what we feel and think is the manifestation of our life.

A strong sense of self-worth creates the will power to improve yourself and those around you. We need to be teaching, training and showing the way to develop a strong adult relationship among married couples with our children. This means to change the cycles of all of these negative emotional habits that keep our souls earthbound in a self-created ego prison with the bars molded out of negative thoughts or bad habits. Any limitations that we perceive are only in our minds. Change your thoughts and you change your life in developing a positive self which could lead to changing the attitude of a whole family.

We all have the same emotional feelings, wants, desires and needs. Some of us may not even know that we have them negative feelings or characteristics like being hypersensitive, hatting others actions, race and beliefs, being quarrelsome, complaining, suspicious, jealousy, worrying, demanding, hostile, quick tempered or contentious. Each of these emotions has a degree and it is that degree of each emotion we let rule us and determines who we are as an individual. One or two of these emotions may be the reason why you are a single parent. If any of these emotions fit, you well then your children are feeling that emotion too.

In order to raise your ego by improving your self-esteem, a person must get rid of their inferiority complex or their shyness. One good way is to practice this system. A lot of people do not think about their subconscious thoughts and habits and they go through life wondering why other people do not relate to them as they feel as they do. In order to stop feeling inadequate in most or all of our lives in different situations is to image yourself as a respected and worthwhile person who shows to others the admiration and respect that should be given and received by each other. If you keep thinking of this, you will become it.

Keep thinking of the person that you really want to be. You must think of yourself as and say:

I AM confident
I AM assured
I AM one with the universe and nature or
I AM calm

Once you have changed as much as you could change in your environment and started working on yourself, you will find that by forgiving yourself for the negative things you have done in the past as well as forgiving everyone from the past who had done you wrong will help you in achieving peace and harmony in your life. This will make it easier for you to really start learning and practicing the secrets of self-improvement. Just because you forgive a person that does not mean that you have to be friends or even speak to them. A person cannot move ahead until they have forgiven themselves and everyone else. I AM love.

Students and masters around the world use this method of taking sayings and repeat them several times a day. In the morning, whenever you have some spare time or in the day and at night before you go to bed. The only way of installing this in your head is to get these lessons in your subconscious mind.

Sayings are one sentence with a positive goal. These words that are used will change your negative subconscious habits so you can make the necessary changes in your life. When you use the sayings you must be very positive in your words with enthusiasm, belief, passion, emotion in your thoughts and with the words to amplify your feelings. You must have the determination to make this happen within you to be successful in changing your subconscious mind that accepts every statement literally, so it is important to say exactly what you want and need in life because they impact your powerful subconscious mind. The words are I AM.

Just before you go to sleep say to yourself:

Say it in any way that you want but the main thing is that you say it, every night and even during the day, just take a minute and do it. You will feel better and the more you say it the better you will feel about your life from day to day.

You must think of yourself as positive conscious intelligence of electromagnetic energy and that we are here to improve ourselves as individuals by changing our negative ways to positive ways in every aspect of life through controlling the electrical magnetic energy that flows within us and all around us. We need to get use of using the principles of the metaphysical laws in a conscious and subconscious way.

Meditation is one way to do it and during that time your thoughts are amplified through you by being passionate and determined with your desire in your feelings. Meditation is used in the alpha state of mind, which is the key to achieve any goal that you may have ahead of you, be it handling stress, high blood pressure, dealing with emotions, changing bad habits. Meditation is and I really believe is the answer to a lot of our problems.

If we were taught like our ancient ancestors wanted, we would have these powers in our childhood. But, in this day and age this is kept only for the elite like the rich or leaders of the world, the Masons, the Rosicrucian, the Mormons and the high priest of the Roman Catholic Churches. If we think of ourselves as positive conscious electromagnetic energy, we can achieve our goals in life. This is why we must say I AM one with the universe and I AM one with nature. We will be able to feel and give the vibrations that we choose to a much greater degree.

The old saying is true and all of the different g-ds and religions say; it is about mind over matter. Visualize and imagine the technique and the immune system of your body will be greatly affected by the level of emotional belief. These are the different techniques of the secrets of success that is taught to us by our ancient ancestors and what is used and now being taught by the successful men and woman of this modern day and age.

Picture your goal and see yourself actually doing it. Picture the purpose of your goal and all of the things you will achieve by meeting your goal. Remember always hold a strong image of yourself firmly in your mind of being successful and if you do this faithfully, you will get the desired results despite the difficulties and setbacks along the road. The more you do the system the easier it will be in achieving our goals. You must visualize it over and over again and add intensity with enthusiasm, belief, love, passion and emotion in your thoughts and in the words to amplify your feelings. Just the thought of being able to relax your body and mind by itself anytime you wish or being able to go straight to sleep at any time that you wish, is a good feeling. You must visualize yourself living this way. Positive imaging is what our ancient ancestors lived and believed in. This positive imaging is what any and all human beings need to do by changing their negative ways to positive ways in every aspect of life.

You must remember the key to the secret of the Kemet Civilization is that thought has an electromagnetic energy vibration. You must picture your self being this energy and living in abundance. You must focus every day on your wants and believe it is possible for you to get it. Do this for about 10 minutes after you had put your body in a relaxed state and let the universe do its thing and let yourself become a magnet that draws your wishes, wants and needs from the universe. You must have fun with your thoughts and be happy with your life and your surroundings. This will amplify your vibrations that you are sending out and whatever your feelings are there will be a reflection of that. The reflection will be in the process of coming back to you through the positive energy of the universe. What you think and feel will be what manifests and this will always be a match.

We can amplify our thoughts through our emotions. The stronger we feel passion, desire and truly believe in our actions we can have the energy directed to that feeling which will be amplified to an unbelievable frequency. This is possible because whatever the mind can conceive it is a fact that it can be achieved with the help of our connection with the great I AM. It is a scientific fact that all of our decisions in our lives fall under the Law of Cause and Affect through our thoughts of anger, love, jealousy, joy, irritation, deceit, fear, pain, happiness, and habits. All of these thoughts can be turned in to positive reaction through subconscious self-hypnosis and positive imaging.

In this closing I have chosen to repeat some things to show or to put the big picture in our mind a bit deeper so that you will keep these thoughts of you being the big picture in your life and hopefully you will have a better understanding of why you need to think of yourself as conscious intelligent of electromagnetic energy, which must change to live a better life for yourself as an individual, on earth and beyond death. You hold yourself back from achieving your own goals, through fearing the unknown. You have to have faith within yourself and forget about the fear that you are afraid to overcome the problem and concur the problem that is ahead of you. You have to change the vibrational thoughts that you have and be more positive in every way possible.

This is where it all starts and ends, with you. Not the big picture which our elite society wants us to believe. All of these negative emotional habits that our society teaches us, keeps our souls earthbound in a self-created eagle prison with the bars molded out of thoughts or bad habits. Any limitations that we perceive are only in our minds. Change your thoughts and you change your life. This is the great law. Our ancient ancestors, space friends, Christ, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, the profits of the world are our teachers and are proof of this. Your outer self is a vehicle for your self-expression and you are internal, the I AM, conscious intelligent of electromagnetic energy. You are that which watches your thoughts pass through your mind. You are I AM, the internal uncreated silent watcher of pure unqualified life, the I AM that causes the heart to beat, the lungs to breathe, the food to digest. Through the presence of consciousness, which you are, dumb matter that speaks and appears to be alive. So for the rest of our lives we really need to think of ourselves as conscious intelligent of electromagnetic energy.

Think of this day and night and you will be free
from the self-ego bars of negative thought!

(updated: 8/4/18)