By: David Dawn
(updated: 6/16/18)



The Teaching of the Kaballah

Kaballah - the understanding of the need for education in the technology of the soul and the connection to the cosmic universe.

Life is full of negative situations with the negativity of mother-nature, politics, jobs, the economy, and our pursuit of happiness. Even though you have the material things in life, most people find themselves empty of joy and happiness, empty with self-harmony. Every person of this world can come to the teachings of Kabbalah or the Kemet religion and find ways to improve their lives. No matter what your background, beliefs or childhood teachings are, you will improve yourself by being or change to being more open-minded in self-understanding and understanding the world around you in a more positive state of mind. Different paths will open up to you by giving you a different perspective of everything around you with more meaning and self-fulfillment.

In a person's quest to improve themselves, they get caught up in trying to find their fulfillment in material things like a house, better car, job, etc., etc., etc. It is a feeling of fulfillment in joy, happiness, and harmony in the family and the social environment, which is the true feeling of a person who is trying to find it in achieving material things. Your thoughts need to be on improving your inter-self. It is about getting rid of the negative thinking and energy, and changing it to positive thinking and energy in every aspect in your life. This wisdom was known to Abraham, passed down to Moses, and known to Jesus. The Zohar written by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yoghai (700CE), originally written in Arabic about two thousand years ago, is a commentary to the Torah. This is the five books of testimony of Moses. The Zohar is a blueprint of human existence, including, where we come from, why we are here, etc., etc., etc.
All of us are ruled by patterns of thoughts, emotions, and actions which brings positive or negative results. Be it mentally, physically, socially, or financially into your lives. The Zohar and Kemet Religion teach us how to deal with this and change this into positive thought patterns that will change our lives in every aspect.

The great thinkers of the past; Pythagoras, Plato, and the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton, all studied the Zohar. Kabbalah can, and will, enhance the spiritual experience of anyone from any walk of life through being used as a tool of mental guidance. This is a universal wisdom to be used by anyone to enhance their lives. People need to realize that you can still be who you are. This means to keep your religion, faith, and beliefs but use this as a tool to enrich you as an individual. This is what unites us all spiritually.

These are tools for self-discovery and individual change which will make a big difference in your life. You will be able to control your negative emotions such as:

We must control our hidden fears, swallow our pride, and admit to the ego problems that we have. Change is something most people do not like because it takes them our of their comfort zone. We must be honest with ourselves and correct the negative things that we see inside ourselves. For example, try to make things happen, not just for yourself, but for everyone around you that is in your daily life. Listen to other people and try to understand them better. Try to see and understand where they are coming from or become more open-minded.
Confront your fears and step out of your comfort zone which is a must to change and grow spiritually. Be more positive in your speech and actions.


The positive force that is within us is called the light because it is a physical expression of what the force is like. The Light is the life line to the cosmos. It makes you feel good. It is a feeling of comfort, knowing everything is okay and will work out to your benefit, or your best interest. It is about the law of cause and effect. Nothing is happening by chance because something had caused the effect.
There are two realms of reality, the illusions in the world of the five senses and the spiritual world around us. We can choose the path of light which is happiness and fulfillment, or the path of darkness which is the attraction of negative things.