By: David Dawn
(updated: 6/16/18)

G-ds and Family Cycles

The original aim of this knowledge is to teach people how to manifest the creator within by using the laws of vibration, attention, intention and emotion.

I choose to start with some of the Gods of the past to show you that in the cycle of life we have the same emotions, habits and needs as God or the Gods. This is why they say, "that we are made in the image of God". The original aim of this knowledge is to teach people how to manifest the creator within by using the laws of vibration, attention, intention and emotion. This knowledge was banned because it conflicted with the religious teachings which are designed to limit our spiritual development as spiritual beings. This secret knowledge never said that you are separate from your creator or you were born in sin. It says that you were born with a creator inside of you.

There is God and then there are the Gods. To name a few, there was and maybe still, are the groups of Gods called the Titans and the Olympians. If these two groups of Gods did exist, then it stands to reason though the cycles of life that these two groups were not the only colony group of gods here on earth or on other worlds or in other dimensions. They raised children and lived in a family atmosphere as we do and they had all of our feelings and all thoughts of emotion like, anger, love, jealousy, joy, irritation or deceit, fear, pain, happiness and all other negative or positive emotions that we have. If the cycles of life in this world are duplicated in other worlds and other dimensions, it leads me to my theory. We have a lot more in common with God in the mental aspect with our feelings, habits, wants and needs as well as the physical aspect.

If we take a brief look at what God has done and has permitted to be done, a person can see for them self. Through my research I come to find him to be more like a dictator, the sole ruler with the attitude of, it is my way or no way. God even ran his Heaven in the same manner as a king on earth or as a dictator on earth would run their own country or state. That might be the reason for the fallen angels to leave Heaven. A couple of examples is; Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. God punished him by sending him to the griffins. A griffin is a half bird and half lion. He was chained down to have his liver eaten by the griffins. This was repeated over and over again, or if you want to say, this was the hell he was sent to. God would let the devil hurt humans so that he could see whether or not people believed in him. God punished people if they did not follow him faithfully. This is history taken from the bible or you can call it a myth depending on what you believe in life.

Cronus was the King of the Titan Gods and he had several children. The Queen brought to his attention that one of the siblings was going to take his throne. The story said that he ate them, keeping them imprisoned in his stomach. Then Zeus was born and his human mother was afraid of Cronus and so the mother shipped baby Zeus off to be safe. Zeus comes back when he has grown up. With the help of some former enemies of Cronus Zeus frees all of his brothers and sisters to join him in fighting Cronus and taking over the Universe, which the Titans ruled. After Zeusís over throw of Cronus, he and his followers named themselves Olympians, which was consisted of twelve immortals living in a palace on the top of Mount Olympus. Zeus imprisoned most of the Titans in the underworld, Tartarus, which is the same as hell. Zeus then divided up the world with his two brothers. Hades ruled the underworld, Poseidon ruled the sea and Zeus ruled the sky and was supreme authority on earth. I was thinking it is basically the same as Lucifer and the fallen angels from heaven. Where did Zeus mother send him until he was grown it could not have been on earth because Cronus would have found out about a God living with humans. This basically happened with Moses. This shows that life cycles do repeat history on earth and even in the Godly worlds.

King Solomon was a Hebrew. It is said that he was a son of the God named Zeus. Human ladies gave birth to King Solomon, Hercules and many others. Jesus had a human mother which falls in to this cycle of gods making babies. King Solomon is the person who literally had the midis touch. He had spent several years in heaven learning from the angles and god told him to take this knowledge and give it to the people of the world which was basically the same thing that happened to Jesus.

King Solomon spoke twenty-seven different languages, translated the book in Hebrew, Islam and numerous other languages so that everyone in the world would be able to use the metaphysical principles in their every day lives. The metaphysical tools of power is chants, words that could call on angels for different tasks, changing things to gold, he could fly or levitate and he did a lot of exorcisms in the Jewish Temple, he was trying to clean the people of all of the unclean spirits as Jesus did.

This is the same knowledge that is denied to us through the Bible of King James, the Roman Catholic Church, the Free Masons, Illuminati and the governments of our present and past. Now the elite of the world is using some of these powers through the secrets of the Kemet religion to stay in control of us today. King Solomon rewrote this for all of us to know, as is the Kemet religion and not just the leaders of this world.

I wanted to show you several different ways of looking at the teachings of the Kemet Religion. The information gathered is from my research leads me to show you my theory of the Gods and God. The information lead me to the positive force of the universe or the godly force that is with in and around all of us and to a higher spiritual level.

The information lead me to what I feel is the true Creator and I named it (PSCIEE) which sounds like si-ee and stands for Positive Super Conscious Intelligence of Electromagnetic Energy.

I took the above information to educate the people about the Kemet Religion. What they referred to is the closest thing in reality that I have found, which coincides with my theory of life in the religious aspect.

Think of this day and night and you will be free
from the self-ego bars of negative thought!