Belief on Religion

By: David Dawn
(updated: 6/16/18)




The scientific name that I feel that breaks down the American and European term for the force or God is PSCIEE, that sounds like sy/ee, which stands for Positive Super Conscious Intelligence of Electromagnetic Energy.

All religions see God as being with in you, all around you and in all living things as conscious Intelligence. Yet, the they refuse to see it in a scientific way. Even the scientist of today knows that in the dark matter of the universe and the brain there is a conscious intelligence that occupies this space, this is a scientific fact.

All of my life I have been looking for a religion that makes since to me and that does not have any man-made rules. The Kemet Religion is the closest thing that I have found to date. All other religions are an off-shoot of the Kemet religion. Other religions took the basic thought of religion from the Kemet's. Then applied their own thoughts and beliefs to create their own religion. With the Kemet religion in our web-site we do relate science with religion by teaching at this point of time the very basic methods of the technology of the soul and spirit binding together with nature and the cosmos. We are here to be one with nature and the cosmos on this earth. We are not here just being a part of a group of cancerous beings living on this earth.