Queen Tiy and Amenhates

Sometime around 1386 B.C., Queen Tiy of Egypt gave birth to a boy who was first named Amenhates after his father. Very little is known of his childhood except that he was sickly from birth and developed an interest in art, poetry, and religion. His closest companion was said to be Nefertiti, the beautiful little cousin. (Some archaeologists have referred to her as his sister.)

When the Crown Prince was about 21, he and the lovely Nefertiti were married. Three years later, his aging father, Amenhotep III, Named him co-regent of Egypt and crowned him Amenhotep IV. After the death of his father, he came into full power in Egypt and took the name Akhenaton. He produced a profound effect on Egypt and the entire world of his day. Akhenaton, often referred to as "The Heretic King", is one of history's most extraordinary monarchs. Thirteen hundred years before Christ he preached and lived a gospel of love, brotherhood, and truth. He has been called the world's first idealist, the first temporal ruler ever to lead his people toward the worship of a single G-d.