The Teachings of  God or the Creator to Practice Positive Habits

People need to practice positive habits to be purified mentally, physically and socially, of as much negative habits as possible to start practicing the true Kemet way of life. We address only the very basic teachings of the Kemet religion at this time because when a person uses the cosmos as a tool and they have negative ways. Then only negative things will happen to that person and his surroundings.

As long as a person is doing their best to live a positive life with compassion for all living things and it does not matter what religion or life style a person claims. They will be living their life in line with the very basic way of the Kemet religion. 

The Kemet religion believed that God or as the people of Kemet called him Na/tru is from mans' thought. Man created God or Na/tru through thought and in that thought we created the images of what we feel god should be with his feelings and how he should react. That is why we have different religions today.  When we realize that Na/tru, or god, is in every cell of your body we become godly and able to do any thing that A/sar, Jesus or any prophet and spiritual leader have done. With the right teachings in meditation.

Webmaster: Steve
Inspired by Eileen