Why Show the Pharaohs

(updated: 6/12/18)

We are showing the Pharaohs of ancient Kemet (Egypt) to show the people of the world that most of them were black people from Africa. Only when they were invaded did the race of the Pharaohs change. The American and European history claims that there was only one of the Pharaohs of Kemet was a black person. That is why most of the noses of the people of the ancient Kemet Pharaohs have been removed or they do not have any pictures and statutes of these Pharaohs. This helps to hide the fact that most of them was from African descent.

The white elite that rules in religion and governments around the world wants the people of the world to believe that their race discovered and invented all of the knowledge of today’s modern civilization. To this day they are afraid of losing their power to the people of color. They will do anything it takes to preserve their written history and keep the power over the people of the world through greed, even though it is wrong.