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Dr. Elena Pischikova in 2005 rediscovered the tombs of the great Priest Karakhamun and the tombs of his assistances Irtierm, and Karabasken. This took place in the 25th dynasty in South el-Asasif, Egypt over 2,700 years ago. The tombs were not built on the ground, but dug into the limestone as grand temples. Throughout the years, they were plundered by the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Arabs and modern day Egyptians.

There is a relationship between the Kemet Civilization and the modern day Ethiopians and the Sudanese. It shows that they are all a part of the same culture and oral traditions.

The Kemet religion believed that God or as the people of Kemet called him Na/tru is from mans' thought. Man created God or Na/tru through thought and in that thought we created the images of what we feel god should be with his feelings and how he should react. When we realize that Na/tru, or god, is in every cell of your body we become godly and able to do any thing that A/sar or Jesus or any prophet and spiritual leader have done.

The people of America and Europe were taught to believe that the internal self as we know it now is just the present moment and we accept and believe it is in our reality. This is the Great Secret of our ancient ancestors. The Kemet people were taught to believe that the internal self is the past, present and future or all 3 is in 1, they are simultaneous because we are living these three time periods at the same time. With the belief of God seeing and hearing through us and our body being the temple of God, the energy of God flowing through us gives us the power to do any thing we really wish to do.

Through changing our subject matter being speech, meaning of words, or thought pattern, we will take back the power and instill it back into our self. There are many people teaching this to the public right now as I speak and the listeners are changing themselves to be who they really want to be. We need to do this as well because if not for ourself, then for our children. We have the tool of the Kemet knowledge to use right now, but we are blind with our every day social living and our narrow-minded beliefs to see it with in us. There is good in everything and we need to find, see and speak on these positive issues in our lives. We are taught in our society to be negative about most things in life which keeps all of us from growing in the spiritual world. This in turn stops us from moving up to the next level of heaven.

In the Bible it said, with an ounce of faith we can move a mountain. I found sayings from the Kemet Civilization that states,

"We can be as free as we really want to be and believe and live. Everything you need to make any change you want, is already within you."

We need to at least understand the religion of our Ancient Ancestors. Even if we do not believe in our ancestor's religion, we will at least have the knowledge of our ancient religion. The religion of the Kemet people was the God of Ethiopia. They gave us the father and son and Holy Ghost which did lead to the Roman Catholic religion. The Judaism, Christian and Muslim religions came much later from the great university library in Timbuktu, Alexandria and other universities of that time. Feel free to read more information on our Religion page.

Each of our lectures was written to inspire and enlighten. For example, within our Conquerors lecture, we discuss how the Northern half of the Kemet Civilization was taken over by the Persians for several decades. Then King Piankhi (Piye) of the Kush nation kicked out the Libyans and the Syrians, and started the fourth and last golden age which is the 25th Dynasty. The 25th Dynasty restored and added to the great nation of Kemet everything that was taken from the conquerors of the past. Feel free to read more information in Conquerors.

The library of Congress is called the Minerva (Temple of Learning) and Minerva was a female god from the Roman days who had wisdom and power. If you go to the main reading room in the Library of Congress, painted on the dome ceiling is a pictorial clock starting with Egypt (or should I say Kemet). This clock depicts the 11 great nations which developed our modern day civilized world. It also shows what the conquerors of the world took from Kemet. More information and images can be found on our Resources page.

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