Secret of Secrets

(updated: 6/16/18)

Decoding the Secrets

By: Anthony T. Browder
(From the lecture by Mr. Browder)

Today many scientists say the final frontier is not outer space but inner space, which is the mind. The latest research suggests that your mind is like a starship. Your thoughts are a limitless fuel supply and you are the captain of this starship. Under your command your mind can take you where you have never gone before.

This is a unique vision of the future where many scientists, physicists and neurologists have begun to reevaluate what they have known of the world. This is due to the advances in science and brain research and what we called science fiction is now known as science fact. Some basic facts arethat the average person uses about five percent of their brain and our brain processes information at a rate of 400 billion bits per second but we are only conscious of about 2 thousand bitsper second of that information. This is about equivalent to a person being awake, walking, talking, eating, etc., etc., etc. for only one hour a day and being comatose for the remaining twenty three hours. That is what using only five percent of your brain means.We must understand that we have the capacity to do so much more.

Scientists discovered that ninety five percent of the universe is empty space which is called dark matter. Based on the study of atoms that ninety five percent of atoms is dark matter. Scientists found that they can manipulate the particles in an atom with their thoughts. This is making scientists aware of the limitless potential of the mind. Scientists are now acknowledging that we donít know half of what we thought we knew. The more we study the environment we come to realize how much we donít know. Philosophically speaking we know that there are things we know and that we know to exist. There are also things we know that we donít know but if we examine reality we must accept the fact that there are things we donít know, that we donít know. If all of the human conscious was water it would fill a thimble which are the known knows. The known unknowns would fill a glass. The unknown unknowns would be like pouring the glass of water into the ocean. So there is a lot of information scientists now acknowledge publically that we donít know a fraction of what we thought we knew and that most of what we thought we knew is wrong. As the book Secrets refer to are the hidden mysteries of life the unknown, unknowns by Wanda Burns. To answer the question of what is the secret. It is a revelation of knowledge which will be the next revelation in human conscious. It is the reintroduction of ageless wisdom of universal laws and principals which will allow the masses to become the masters of their own destinies.

"The Science of Getting Rich 1910" by Wallace D Wattles shows how to use your mind to generate and create riches by tapping into the powers of the universe Mrs. Burns trace the source of this book back to a document from Egypt which dated 3000BC called the emerald tablet which contained the knowledge of the universe.

The emerald template was unearthed by the Knights Templars during the first crusade and they took this knowledge back to France with them. Through the study and application of this knowledge they were able to acquire enormous wealth and power which challenged the King of France, other European kings and the Vatican. The secret knowledge was banned and the Knights Templar was destroyed by the Roman Catholic Church on Friday the 13th 1307 which gave birth to Friday the 13th being a bad luck day.The Renaissance began when the secrets were rediscovered which took the Europeans out of the dark ages. Renaissance was the rebirth of secret knowledge.

Now in modern time the secret is being suppressed by business men and politicians who declared that this information never be made available to the general public. The secret of the secret is the law of attraction which is the basis understanding that everything in the universe is energy. All power is from within. Therefore all power if under your control. What you think and what you know you feel and what manifests is always a match.

There is no disconnecting

The emotional feelings are only two, the good and the bad. The wide range of emotions which are in between moves you to either good or bad feelings which is called the emotional guidance system which helps you to identify good or bad. A person needs to monitor their feelings in order to determine what they are thinking which in turn helps you to understand what you are drawing to you that is based on the law of attraction. Remember what ever you think and feel it does manifest. You need to take control of yourself and generate positive thoughts.

Ask, answer and receive; 3 steps....

1. Ask for what you desire mentally. The universe responds better to thought and emotions than to verbal requests. Donít say you want, say you need, desire, must have or you must demand it.

2. To get an answer you must believe. The universe answers all requests in time. It may not be in our time but it is in the universes time. So you must be patient and keep the belief that the answer will come because you are attracting that request from the universe. So if you stop believing the attraction stops too.

3. To receive your answer you must bring yourself in alignment with request in order to be ready to receive it when it comes. You must be open to what is coming in order to identify and feel it. When it comes it may come in a different form than what you were expecting.

Read "The Law of Attraction" by Ester and Jerry Hicks.

You must bring yourself into alignment or in harmony with the universal laws of attraction. There is an aspect of the universe which functions like a magnet. We project our thoughts into this magnetic universe and the universe amplifies our thoughts ten fold then returns those thoughts to us infused with power. Now whether we are empowered by the universe depends on our awareness of our thoughts. So if you donít know then you will never receive, and live a life of misery. So in reality we are the creator of our destiny.

Much of the joy and pain, much of the wealth and poverty and much of the health and disease that we have and are experiencing throughout our lives is fueled by the thoughts that we generate and attract to us. We cannot blame our parents or society for the situations we encounter in our lives because we create the things we attract to us. It transcends religion and it addresses our true identity as spiritual beings who are having a human experience. That is the essence of who we are. As human beings it is important to understand that we are ruled by the same spiritual forces within the universe, whether we know it or not, whether we accept it or not. Most sources agree that this knowledge of the universe was first codified and practiced in Egypt over 5000 years age. That is an excepted fact. The Egyptian Magicians or doctors lived and studied in buildings which were temples over 4000 years ago.The Temple of Abydos which is over 4500 years old. Archeologists claim it is the oldest temple or building structure in the world.

People from all over the world would come to the temples to be educated about the universe and other history of the world. Per Ankh or the houses of life. This was taught to hundreds of generations of Egyptians who applied the secrets throughout their lives, for thousands of years. This ancient country was originally called Kemet.

People would go to Egypt to study history, science, philosophy andmetaphysics and then they would take the knowledge back to their homelands where they became great thinkers or great scientists in the eyes of their people. Then the invaders went to Kemet. The first to invade was the Hyksos, then the Persians, the Greeks and Romans. Then came other invaders each taking something home with them that they didnít have before. So those great ones today that are in science, philosophy, physics, astronomy and medicine etc., etc., etc. their history books state that their knowledge of these subjects originally came from Egypt.

It is important to understand that the people of the world have been taught very little about the magic of ancient Kemet. Instead we have been fed a steady diet of misinformation. This gives everyone around the world and especially the Black Americans the true history of the ancient culture of Africa. Tuhiti the bird head human body represents the divine articulation of speech, writing, mathematics, science, measurement and medicine he is holding a hexagram which is a six pointed star that is formed by putting two triangles together. When you see a picture of an eye the left eye is associated with Tuhiti and the right eye is associated with Herru.

The Greeks invaded in 332BC and the priests of Kemet gave some information to the Greeks of the secrets which was passed through the society of today. The Kemet model of information issuing it in levels of degrees is the model for education system today and in the Free Masons today. Elementary school goes to the eight grade. High school takes you up to the twelfth degree or grade, bachelors the sixteenth degree, masters eighteenth degree, PHD is the twentieth degree. The highest degree in Free Masons is the thirty-third degree yet the priest in Kemet had three hundred sixty degrees which shows how much information they did not give up to any of the invaders of Kemet. They taught the Greeks less than ten percent of their knowledge but with that ten percent they created a model civilization for Europe to follow. The Greeks were, as the history books claim, the greatest philosophers and scientistsof all time. Their knowledge does not compare to the knowledge of 3000BC and before. This means that we today are not dealing with the real secrets of ancient Kemet.

The Emerald Tablet was written by Hermes, the Greek and it was written in Greek not Kemetic. It is the best information from those who preceded them by 3000 years. This tablet was made without the true skill set and knowledge that the priest kept to them selves. Tuhiti became Hermes by Greek and Mercury by the Romans they all have the Caduceus which is from three different times of history. TheCaduceus which is the medical symbol with the snakes and wings on a staff which actually represents the upper and lower Kemet, the upper and lower regions of the body, the upper and lower regions of the mind. The balance of harmony of the energy that flows from the universe into you and once it enters your body it is broken down into positive and negative energy to produce good health and freedom from disease. This is a symbol of who you really are, a spiritual being.There is a picture of Tuhiti with a Caduceus in the Temple of Abydos.

In 1900 the Book of the Dead was made from bit and pieces that were found by European grave robbers, who like the Greeks and the Emerald Tablet, did not get the whole story.It is actually the book of life which tells you how to live your life to prepare yourself for the after life. For example the Papyus of Hunefer, dated in 1238BC depicts the procedure that is taken in the transformation of death which resembles the Catholic way of going to Heaven with Peter at the gates and so forth. But they have their own character in the heavenly screen. You hear about the Books of Death but never hear about the Books of Life. The Books of Life are in private collections and museums not to be shown to the public. Our leaders want us to focus our thoughts on death not on the living.

The Catholic Church declared that blacks have no soul which gave Europeans the religious right to colonize Africa and enslave the blacks and treat us worse than they treated their own dogs. They even had the nerve to name the 1st slave ship after Jesus Christ, The good Ship Jesus. Blacks were the first to give the world the concept of soul. It is very important for us to understand that religion of ancient Kemet was designed to teach spiritual beings how to live as humans in a material world full of spirits. If you follow the instruction you can create heaven on earth. Thatís what the Kemets believed in and lived for 3000 years. They lived with the earth and universe not just on the earth as we do today. That is why they were able to create things thousands of years ago which cannot be duplicated today.

The teachings of Maat and Tuhiti were the corner stones of the educational system we have today. Some of the principals associated with Tuhiti are best expressed with the ten virtues which are; control of thought, control of action, steadfastness, identify with higher ideals, evidence of a mission, evidence of a call to spiritual order, freedom from resentment, confidence in the power of the master, confidence in your own abilities and preparation for initiation. The first three are the most important. Control of thought means control your thinking because it determines what you do. If you are doing and thinking right then you want to keep doing it by being steadfast. Stay on the course that feels good to you. That line of thought and action will to move you to use more of your brain taking you to a higher plane of consciousness which will lead to a call of higher spiritual order. Do not let your friends or family stop you with their jealousy because they see the change in you moving on to achieve your goals and you are slowly leaving them behind. This is due to their close minded ideas and ways of thinking. Soon after getting to the higher plane of spiritual consciousness a teacher or mentor will come. At that time donít challenge them, let them lead you on. Any negativity will slow your learning down. Then apply the teachings to your life. You will see yourself as a spirit living as a human being. Then the cycle will start over again moving you to an even higher plane.

Maat symbolizes the universe which leads us to the seven principals of Maat which are; truth, justice, righteousness, balance, harmony and reciprocity. This is a multi dimensional universe which is governed by Maat.The triangle pointing up is symbolizing the line thought of man or mind moving up from a lower physical state to a higher spiritual state which is upward progression of the soul. When you are raising your consciousness the triangle pointing down means the power, energy and knowledge of the universe is coming down in to you when you have an open mind to receive.When you combine the two triangles or the two principals of Tuhiti and Maat you get a symbol called the Star of David by the Jewish people or the Star of Solomon by the Arabs. It is a symbol which represents the balance of harmony between the masculine and feminine forces which function throughout the material and the spiritual worlds. It represents that which is above, below and that which is within and that which is without. It is the totality of your existence. It brings it all together so you can function as you are designed to function. That is the essence of the secrets.

The original aim of this knowledge is to teach people how to manifest the creator within by using the laws of vibration, attention, intention and emotion. This knowledge was banned because it conflicted with the religious teachings which are designed to limit our spiritual development as spiritual beings. This secret knowledgenever said that you are separate from your creator or you were born in sin. It says that you were born with a creator inside of you.Do not use this informationwith sin. This knowledge is older than any manmade religion but if you are unaware of who you are and your potential as a human being you will be fearful of this information because it moves you outside of your comfort zone. This fear will cause you to experience pain, poverty, illness and suffering which is a sin. We all are victims of social engineering and thus we are strangers to our true identity. Everyone feels there is more to life than what is heard. We search for the truth that our souls yearn for. This knowledge has always been around us but we have never been instructed or taught how to use this knowledge of what to look for, for our personal and collective benefit.

We must understand that in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries Africans fought for their civil rights. In the twentieth century blacks fought for civil rights. Now in the twenty first century blacks are fighting for seeking a higher consciousness. Whoever controls the information of your life determines what you will do in the remaining years of your life. What you know will be passed on to your after generations. Which is why you are the way you are and have the knowledge that you have today. Scientists say it will affect the next seven generations.We find ourselves standing at the dawn of a new era, filled with unlimited potential. Words evoke images and vibration which changes your frequency of thought and your action.

In the 1970s black music was loving and spiritual. Then in the 1980s and 1990s hip hop and rap came to be which brought negative thought into the black culture.Listen to George Clintonís "Funkadelic" or Earth, Wind and Fire. They teach you the secrets through music. Once black people know who they are or where they really came from they will subconsciously change their bad habits including ways of thinking, speech, behavior, beliefs, lifestyles and find their own true culture.

Egypt is here in the United States thanks to the Free Masons it is along the Potomac Riverand the Mississippi River in southern Ohio has towns with Egyptian names and small pyramids dot the land long the river. These names of towns was given in the 1700ís by the Free Masons who had control of the making of America. The local Indian history states that thousand of years ago black men came up the Mississippi and they traded and lived together.Black Americans need to get their culture back. They need to defend their true history. The black culture needs to educate the world of the hidden, changed and lost history of the ancient Kemet Civilization.