Racial Equality

(updated: 6/16/18)

The Rise of Post-Racial Politics and the Retreat from Racial Equity

Francy Kindel Ė Author, Activist

Tim Wise is a must read lecture about the modern day repeated cycle of the conquerors and how it is kept out of sight.

In 1960, four young black men in Greensboro, N.C. started a stand for justice by sitting at a food counter for whites only. Their act as single, solitary, and individualists started a national movement in the South for civil rights. This shows that large movement can be started by individuals who are your average everyday person. If they would have waited for an organization or politicians, they might have waited another decade. This also goes to show that people can do the impossible when the odds are totally against them

If, the white industrialists, politicians and religious elite ruling class would see that if the colored races have double digit unemployment then it is just a matter of time it will spread to the white upper-middle class and above. Just like drugs, hip-hop and interracial marriages started and then ignored by the elite ruling classes thinking it was okay as long as it stays over there. Not seeing that unemployment, drugs, hip-hop, interracial marriages, Aids, have no boundaries; it is only a matter of time before every class, race, religion and nation feels the pain of these things.

When the press talks about America, 95% of the time they are referring to white Americans and being in charge. The ruling race got use to things being their way and only their way. Now they see the cities slowly being changed by other races; their neighborhoods; schools and local politicians. So as a result, the upper middle class and higher classes of the white Americans feel threatened. They see their children not staying with traditional white ways. Their sports are slowly being dominated by people of color. This is called an economic meltdown for the elite white classes. It makes it frightening, which turns to hate. For them to see that they are the minority and not the majority of people of this nation. They are losing the voting power, which is why the Supreme Court changes the rules and laws to help keep the white elite feeling a little better. But, even with them cheating in voting and other civil rights issues, all this has done is prolong the change and not stop change.

The ruling classes want their country back to the way it was where whites dominated the political field; 90% of the management jobs; the sports and entertainment fields as well. They will lie about the segregated racism. They just want small governments so the private sector can continue to rule without having to report to the general public. They want the limited government that gave out 270 million acres of free land to unlimited white folk with the Homestead Act. 20 to 50 miles west of the Mississippi, white folk still live on the land that was taken from the Indians and redistributed to the white folk. The 120 billion in home loans under the FHA and VA home loan programs from the 30ís to 60ís and people of color were denied access to these homes, land and loans because in the early 1900 what civil right we had was taken away by the Supreme Court. If the people receiving this land and money were of color, the whites would have called it affirmative action or welfare. However, given to white folk it is called good micro economic policy, which is another example of how the words are used to help the ruling class look good to the world and history books in the cycle of running a country.

Big government is great when it helps the white race. In 1958, the people were taxed the highest in history and they did not mind. The whites thought that was a very good year. The upper tax rate was 91% because the government was a vehicle of white empowerment and when the government is used for equal economics only then it is too big. The people of color do not have the room to forget about racism because no matter how it is presented, if not challenged, it will grow to be a problem.

The basic idea of America being united is true as far as the states being one nation. But as a people of a nation, we have never been equally united as a nation. Not by race, economically, educationally, politically or in any other way due to the ruling white elite classes of this nation. If you go to any other nation you will see the same thing but to a lesser degree. It is the cycles of government management that every country uses to rule its public all the way back to our ancient ancestors. It is important to us now because we are living in these cycles today and as long as the people voice themselves it will regulate the degree of each one of those different cycles and how much they will affect us as a race.

Nations do not have a network to where one race has 11 times more worth then another and the next highest race has 8 times more worth than the 3rd race. Unity is when you have the net worth spread out evenly amount the races. Ever since the 60ís, the racial discussion has gone underground with the white elite classes and they pushed the idea through the news agencies over and over for the last 50 years. Knowing how some things are repeated over the years, the public will start believing it. So we have today with mixed marriages and people of color in sports and politics, a public that has closed their eyes to the subtle ways of racism. But it is an ongoing issue, which we cannot close our eyes to.

In this economic down turn, which is really a depression, the black people with college degrees holds twice the amount of unemployment than do the white college graduates and three times more in the blue collar field. The brown people with college teachings have three times the amount unemployment and four to five times more blue collar people than the whites. Chinese graduates make only 50% of the whites on the same job, even though the Chinese have more education.

A person of color has to pay higher interest rates than do the whites. People of color pay two to three times more interest of sub-prime loans in the car and housing market. These people should have in the interest of fairness gotten the same interest rate that the whites received. The people of color pay on average $200,000 more on loans in one life time, which all political people never discuss.

All of the politicians talk about the health care problem in general but not about the racial health care problems or racial health disparities not just universal coverage or both. Why do Africans who come here have the same health care or better than whites? Between the stress and American food, 2 to 3 years of being here they have the same health problems as blacks who were born here. Hundreds of health studies show that the accumulative effect of racial discrimination on people of color has an independent effect on health and that causes the excess release of hormones like cortisone build up, which helps plaque buildup in the arteries, which is related to hypertension, which is related to heart disease and strokes. The accumulative affects this is called weathering. Doctors are not supposed to treat people of color different but they do. It is true for those who care for white people. 80% or more of the hospitals would not take you if you do not have insurance.

Racial bias is a "hush-hush" subject in the political and social world of today, 2011 as well as do not talk about white supremacy. As long as we do not talk about these things, the gap will keep growing between the races in education, health, wealth, legal injustices, housing with the color blind redric of the universalism. Our society has raised us to believe that it is up to us as individuals to be successful. So if you do not make it, it is your own fault. I have seen black men work twice as hard as any white man and they still are having a hard time in life even though they did all of the right things. This is due to the large gaps in employment, housing, education and so on between the white and black races. If the white man and a black man were working the same type of job and the black man got paid more than the white man, believe me, the white man would be ready to go to war. The black race did put up with this in the last 50 years (not to mention the last 200 years) but if it was the white man we would have had a 2nd civil war.

If we donít talk about the divisions in the races, the young people will see it and believe that it is natural for the whites to be treated better than the blacks or browns. People already have given up their true race to think that they will never be as good or well off as the whites even though they did everything right but itís not working and they wonder why. In 1926, Clarence Darrel came out of retirement to take on a case where no other lawyer would touch. A black family was living in a white neighborhood and was attacked in their house by a mob of white racists and 2 to 3 white men died. The whole family was charged with murder. The jury was all white and Mr. Darrel charged the jury to be racist and told them to look beyond that and put themselves in the doctorís shoes. The jury found the black family not guilty. There are 125 high schools in California that do not have AP classes to pass the test to go to college. You will find these high schools in colored neighborhoods, not in the white neighborhoods.