Laws of Attraction

(updated: 6/16/18)

Money and the Law of Attraction

This is about learning the laws of attraction, wealth, health and happiness through the teachings of Abraham who followed the teachings of the Kemet religion. I am going to add to the statements to add more information on the subject.

Esther calls it co-creating source energy of vibrational being, living in a time space reality.

You are your own creator through the paths of life you choose to give your attention too which will help you to expand your self-worth. You are born with pure love and intelligence and worthy of doing all things. Being raised in our American society changes the individual and we bury the six and seventh since that we are born with.

As we grow up in this world we are taught to be negative about everything to some extent. Every negative desire is an emotional thought that holds you back from getting positive vibes from whatever you are doing. This positive vibe could help you achieve your goals. You must stop talking, thinking and feeling negative and then force yourself to start talking, thinking and feeling positive.

You must break your subconscious habits of negativity.

You must do for yourself, love yourself, be proud of your positive actions, love your actions, love your thoughts, love your feelings and love your beliefs. You must think when you see something that you do not like. You must think something positive about it.

Negative emotions are a sign telling you that you need to change.

Be it your environment, company, attitude or the action you are about to do. Most of the time it is the feelings within yourself that needs to be changed because we can not change other people’s actions, thoughts, emotions or feelings. We may be able to suggest a positive idea to a negative person and if they are a friend or not totally mad they might lesion to reason.

It is a good healthy natural feeling to be depressed, angered, worrying or board because it is your inter-self, telling you that you need a change. A key to changing one’s self is to do it in a relaxed state of mind. Do it in a gradual manner. Remember that you are really changing your subconscious negative habits and you must be very repetitious with it. Live your daily life as it is and be happy with yourself, but when you see yourself doing something that you do not like, then do something positive about it and go with the flow or your feelings. Do not worry about what other people think or do because their life is different than yours. The odds are the other people are not even thinking about changing their negative emotions to become a better individual.

There is a story Esther tells which helps people understand what to do with their emotions. She said, it is like being on a river and paddling up stream. When your feelings start to make you feel bad about something or you see yourself doing something that you do not like, then change your flow or your feelings and do something positive about it and go with the flow of the river. Your will find yourself going a lot farther in life. The odds are if you do not feel right about what you are doing then most likely it will not turn out the way you wanted due to the negative feeling. This brought about negative vibes which you had to fight the hole way or time to achieve your goal and you are really not satisfied with the end resolute.

If you smooth you desires or in other words work on changing your emotionsevery day, then the things that you really want will come to you. Do not worry about how or when, forget about it and work on you and your goal at an easy but study rate. Do not push things for time or amount because these things being people who will help in one way or another and unforeseen opportunities will come through the vibrations of the universe. You are looking for the vibration match of what you are sending out to get a vibrational relief.

Success will come with the control of vibrations rather than the control of action.

Act only if you feel the need to act. Remember the power of the vibrations of the universe will bring you the things you will need to meet your goals. You are the creator of your own experience in life. The greater the contrast will bring about the greater self-expansion of yourself in your life. Picture your success of your goals from beginning to end until it vibrates from you as soulful vibrations. Give everything the benefit of the doubt. Look in the direction of where you want to be. Speak in the direction you want to go. Feel the emotion of the things you encounter in your travels of life.

The way our life is set up, is that we are the creator of our life and our own reality and we create this through the vibrations that the universal laws respond to. That is why what we feel and think is the manifestation of our life.