The Marcus Garvey Movement

(updated: 6/16/18)

Marcus Garvey Background

Consciousness of our future; where do we want to be 50 years down the road or what do we want for our grandchildren? We need to know who we are, how we got here, and where we are going in order to be a race of people who has a future - as or like the white race - who knows of where they will be in the future and knows the future of their grandchildren.

One third or one half of black teenagers do not think that they will live to see 30 because of their hip-hop life to fast money or die addicted. Another third get defeated in the work place due to poor attitude towards themselves and their work place. Then there is a third who actually makes it, all the way to success. Most of those who do make it are well rounded in their lives with themselves and knowledgeable of their past race history and thinks about where there grandchildren will be when they grow up. Even though we have the knowledge it is not enough. We need to reinvest in our race and become business owners and land owners in order to have a well-rounded race like the whites, Chinese, Germans, British, etc. etc. etc. Most of the slave countries have stopped using people as slaves in the physical meaning. Now it mentally we are being played by these nations as consumers.

Marcus Garvey born in 1887, organized the black movement on all of the contents of the world even though they were under colonialism and people were being dismembered and killed for reading about Marcus Garvey. If it was not for these sacrifices that was made in the past from blacks around the world, we would not be where we are at today. He had over 6 million blacks in the organization called the UNIA-Universal Negro Improvement Association. The same things that inspired Marcus Garvey back in his boyhood are still happening around us today.

Things that shaped Marcusí Thinking

Haiti fought in 1789 to 1804, defeating 120 thousand soldiers from France, Great Britain and Spain for independence and created the first African Republic in the modern world. The American slaves were set free in 1863, in Cuba, slaves were set free in 1880, in Brazil slaves were set free in 1888. Belgium Congo a man called Leopold, (1870-1912), one of the great acts of genocide he used to 6 million in 40 years to get rubber from trees. In America, in the 1870-1890 there was over 20 Africans elected in to congress which was great progress for a race who was enslaved only 15 years before then but in the 1900 with the rise of the KKK in 1870. The civil rights act was passed and in the 1890ís the Supreme Court said it was unconstitutional. In 1896, the Italians invaded Ethiopia. The congress of Berlin divided Africa and the Italians lost 40 thousand soldiers trying to take Ethiopia. They came back in 1935 with the blessing of the Roman people on Good Friday in St. Peter square to kill our country men with mustard gas. These are the times that surround Marcus and drove him to be.

Everybody must read books to not have a narrow mind or to stay blinded from the true history of the world. When you hear about the Panama Canal, you will hear about how the white people built it and nothing about how the black man helped build it doing the hardest work for much less pay and most of the lives lost in building the canal was black laborers from America and the surrounding islands. 20 thousand workers are stilled buried in the canal today. At the time the blacks got 11 cents per hour while the whites got 40 to 65 cents per hour. Through history to today the white man has always and is still getting in 2011 on non-union jobs more money per hour for the same work. If union the whites get more hours than the black thus still making more money and a better retirement.

The US is structured like Rome was. The apartheid was started in the southern US and perfected in the Panama Canal and was used in Southern Africa. Apartheid means being divided with the blacks living in a ghetto type lifestyle and the regular classes of life are only with the white race. They could not get any work in the city or anywhere else in the country. This is after slavery, this is apartheid. In Ecuador on the tobacco plantation was ran as all plantations was ran with a small company store with high prices to keep you in debt so you could not have money to move away from the very poor living conditions. In 1912 and 1913, Marcus moved to London and worked with a newspaper as a printer and journalist. At the time because of seeing and the fact that had traveled to these places, he studied even more on the history of Africa. On his way back to Jamaica he thought of the UNIA organization. It started in 1914 with 13 people in Kingston.

Marcus contacted Booker T. Washington and Booker who guided Marcus on how to organize. 1916, Marcus went to see Booker but was too late. Booker T. Washington had past and the replacement for Booker was not helpful to Marcus. This was a time when lynching blacks in the south was very common because the KKK or apartheid was trying to keep the blacks under control through force, which was the only way.

New community laws were passed to restrict the blacks form housing areas, working areas and social areas. The bank will not give blacks loans to start a business and will give an oriental with the same business plans several hundred thousand to start his store. In 600-700 AD, the Germans went over Europe raping and murdering. The average life span of a slave was 8-10 years and we are talking about the healthy 20 year olds. The means of seasoning a slave was brutal. It broke the mind, body and soul. When the slave ships came to America they lied about the amount because they had to pay taxes on each person. Marcus through his research figured 15-18 million was brought across the Atlantic. When capturing slaves only ľ to half or roughly 6 million actually did not make it on the boats while the others died. Even for the sailors of the of the boats they died at a high rate due to disease. 1450 is when the Portuguese started taking slaves to America. With all the slave trades around the world, over 80 million Africans were taken.

The white establishment is scared because we multiply at 3.4%, which is doubling our population every 30-35 years. Itís the highest birth rate for any race in the world. The Arabs with the Eastern slave trade from 639 AD, which lasted until the 1900 and still there are slaves for the rich. 60 million slaves from Africa to the Eastern slave trade 15-18 million to the Western slave trade along with the Congo and other countries totaling over 100 million enslaved or murdered for money, land and power. The famous black stroll is from our DNA and the ball & chain induced it in to our DNA.

The goal of Marcus was to unite all the black people around the world as one; to promote pride, self-improvement, harmony and love between all blacks. We have several different race names: Negro, colored, black, nigger, afro-American; with these names comes different types of black people. The Negro does not care what happens to the black race because he is happy with the little things heís getting. The nigger puts down his race and believes in self only. The colored is happy with what he has but cares more for the struggle of his race more than the Negro. The blacks are willing to fight for their rights within our nation and the afro-American is willing to fight for all blacks around the world.

The UNIA in 1914-1960 was working on the rising of the blacks around the world to assist the investment in the black people in Africa and around the world in the development of individual nations within the black community to establish universities, colleges, academies, and schools for racial education. The UNIA was in 39 countries and had 6-11 million members. Marcus died and the movement to decolonize Africa it all came to a stop. He died for 8 things, which was his message:

1. African Identity: for all black people to share their identity before the enslavement in their country.

2. Pride in our history and ourselves.

3. We must be self-reliant: which means we cannot back down to the white establishment for salvation; we must find it in one another and in ourselves.

4. We must not look for help or leadership to come from the white establishment. We must have black institutions with black leadership, which provide black African agendas for black African empowerment and national building for all leaders around the world.

5. Power is the only thing that will satisfy men: hence the black or African must get power of any and all kinds.

6. The black race needs to get economic, commercial, industrial, technical, financial and military power. Marcus says self-reliance is self-respect.

7. Marcus wanted a central nation in Africa.

8. We must have a place to concentrate our resources and power to protect African people around the world.