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Cycles and Control

There are America and European elite leaders who have in mind to not share the power of their country with the other races and other human species.

These elite leaders and their followers are in the different levels of our local and federal governments and in different levels of our major private and public organizations. They use people of other races to learn how to fine tune their social controls through positive and negative reinforcement of fear, punishment, and rewards.

Controlling the races and classes behavior which leads to brainwashing through the use of movement, thinking, feeling, seeing and hearing. This is a form mental slavery in the true educational sense of brainwashing. This is used to economically control the public and to stay in control of the mass population. This will insure that their power will stay with those who have it now. This is actually a cycle of all the countries around the world. This is how they stay in control of their citizens.

It is a cycle that all conquerors go through to have their own record of their history.

Even though the history has been deleted or changed to make their citizens think and believe what ever the conquerors want. People who record their history take great pride in their ancestors.

They can:

The Cycle of Myths

This has existed from the beginning of conquerers to today. It is a cycle that completely distroies what they had taken over. the norm is to keep what they can use and do away with every thing else. It is another tool of controlling the people and every thought of the past becomes a myth.

There were many myths that were and still believed by the average person as Gospel, the holy truth or facts. Through time these myths are disproven or proven by science to have come from a true historical story that had been covered up with a bold lie. This is a few examples of how conquers can change history.

This is done because it is the only writings and learning material in the land or the words of the greedy or narrow minded scientist, politicians, or religious leaders. With this being the only source of information that they have had for most of their lives, the people really believe it must be true. A lot of this is due to the people working so hard to survive that they pick one person, group or organization to listen to, thus believing what they hear and see as if it was words from the creator.

For more information on the myths and mysteries that are proven to be true, read, (Self Improvement Revised) by David Dawn.

Documenting Myths

As early as 4500BC the Kemet civilization wrote on pyres scrolls and carved in stone. The Kemet writings are called the Met/or/net/ure which means the writing of God.

In our modern day history, the greatest myth to any race is the one Europeans started and is still being fed to the people of the world today. It is that the white race is superior to all races.

In his book The Progress and Evolution of Man in Africa, Dr. L.S.B. Leakey states that -- In every country that one visits and where one is drawn into a conversation about Africa. The question is regularly asked, by people who should know better: "But what has Africa contributed to world progress?" The critics of Africa forget that men of science today, with few exceptions, are satisfied that Africa was the birthplace of man himself, and that for many hundreds of centuries thereafter, Africa was in the forefront of all human progress in every way that you can think of.

Africa's first Golden Age: began at the beginning with the birth of man and the development of organized societies. It is generally conceded in most scholarly circles that mankind originated in Africa; this makes the African man the father and the African woman the mother of mankind. Who was made in the likeness of God, which also includes being black.

The Catholic Church declared in the 1400's that blacks have no soul, which gave Europeans the religious right to colonize Africa and enslave the blacks and treat them worse than they treated their own dogs. Africans were enslaved by Portuguese sailors who bought the help of some of the western tribes of Africa. They were paid in iron bars which were molded into weapons. Some of the slaves were given to the Popes for teaching this.

Blacks were the first to give the world the concept of soul. It is very important for us to understand that religion of ancient Kemet was designed to teach spiritual beings how to live as humans in a material world full of positive and negative spirits. If you follow the instruction you can create heaven on earth. That's what the Kemets believed in and lived for well over 3000 years. They lived with the earth and universe not just on the earth as we do today. That is why they were able to create things thousands of years ago which cannot be duplicated today.

It is important to understand that the people of the world have been taught very little about the magic of ancient Kemet. Instead we have been fed a steady diet of misinformation. This gives everyone around the world and especially the Black Americans the true history of the ancient culture of Africa.

Read The Law of Attraction by Ester and Jerry Hicks and The Science of Getting Rich 1910" by Wallace D Wattles shows how to use your mind to generate and create riches by tapping into the powers of the universe. The book called, Secrets refer to are the hidden mysteries of life, the unknown, unknowns by Wanda Burns. Mrs. Burns trace the source of this book back to a document from Egypt which dated 3000BC called the emerald tablet which contained the knowledge of the universe.

Africa has had three Golden Ages. The first two reached their climax and were in decline before Europe as a functioning entity in human society.

The Emerald Tablet was written by Hermes, the Greek and it was written in Greek not Kemetic. It is the best information from those who preceded them by 3000 years. This tablet was made without the true skill set and knowledge that the priest kept to them selves. Tuhiti became Hermes by Greek and Mercury by the Romans they all have the Caduceus which is from three different times of history.

The Caduceus which is the medical symbol with the snakes and wings on a staff which actually represents the upper and lower Kemet, the upper and lower regions of the body, the upper and lower regions of the mind. The balance of harmony of the energy that flows from the universe into you and once it enters your body it is broken down into positive and negative energy to produce good health and freedom from disease. This is a symbol of who you really are, a spiritual being. There is a picture of Tuhiti with a Caduceus in the Temple of Abydos.

The Book of the Dead was made from bit and pieces that were found by European grave robbers, who like the Greeks and the Emerald Tablet, did not get the whole story. It is actually the book of life which tells you how to live your life on the earth, only to prepare yourself for the after life. For example the Papyus of Hunefer, dated in 1238BC depicts the procedure that is taken in the transformation of death which resembles the Catholic way of going to Heaven with Peter at the gates and so forth. But they have their own character in the heavenly screen. You hear about the Books of Death but never hear about the Books of Life. The Books of Life are in private collections and museums not to be shown to the public. Our leaders want us to focus our thoughts on death not on the living.

The 1984 Encyclopedia Britannica claims that the lowest position in the evolutionary scale thus affording the best material for the comparative study of the highest anthropoids and human species are Negros. The encyclopedia makes this claim even though blacks were living in castles with laws for the land thousands of years before the white race came out of their caves. Africans developed the idea of civilized thought which has humanity for over 5,000 years before the existence of the Greek culture and thus gave the modern day world the concept of a civilization.

The so called great British historian Charles Thornsbe states, when we classify race by color, the only one race of our 27 races that had not made a contribution to our civilization is the black race. Mr. Thornsbe and the Britannica encyclopedia despite the years of studying and research of world history holds to their racist beliefs with the numerous attempts to suppress the truth about the historical achievement of these noble Africans. All of their narrow minded followers from around the world believe every word that they say.

Archeologists, genetics and anthropologists have denounced the myths fabricated by the scientists of the 19th century, when they tried to downgrade the significance of the African people. Because of racism, they claimed that the Negro was still in the ape stage of life and that they were positively not equal to whites. This created the negative thought patterns the white elite races and their followers have today. Before Blacks names were changed, they were called Africans. They were the first human inhabitants on this planet.

We have shown the Pharaohs of ancient Kemet (Egypt) in our time line page to show the people of the world that they were black people from Africa. Only when they were invaded did the race of the Pharaohs change. The American and European history claims that there was only one of the Pharaohs of Kemet was black. That is why most of the noses of the people of the ancient Kemet Pharaohs have been removed. To hide the fact that most of them was from African descent.

The white elite that rules in religion and governments around the world wants the people of the world to believe that their race discovered and invented all of the knowledge of today's modern civilization. To this day they are afraid of loosing their power to the people of color. They will do any thing it takes to preserve their written history and keep the power over the people of the world through greed, even though it is wrong.

In Newsweek magazine, scientists explore the theory of man's origins which the American and European anthropologists agree that the first inhabitants lived in north-east Africa. They claim Adam and Eve did exist 105,000 years ago in what is now called Kenya.

In 1959, the white European anthropologist, Mary Leakey found in the borders of Kenya and Tans Zaire the remains of a man found which dates back 1,700,000 years. This proves the first man with a modern day skeleton was in Africa.

After that discovery, they found a woman with a modern day skull named Lucy which dated back 2 million years. The black man's history goes back over 2 million years. The Black race are the original people of humanity and who was made in the image and likeness of God.

When the colonies were fighting for freedom from the British, all 13 colonies believed in slavery. The blacks were considered free if they fought for the British. More blacks joined the revolutionary war back than they did in the Civil War. But, the British did not want them to become citizens of England. After the war, they dropped them off in Canada or took them back to Africa which was still a colony of England.

Before the Civil War started, the North asked the South to stop growing so fast with free labor because the South were financially out-doing the Northern industries. The northern industrialist saw that they were losing their power in the political and economic fields. The South refused to work with the North, so the North had to stop the south from growing. That is what the Civil War was really about.

It was not about putting an end to having slaves as we are lead to believe. It was about having the financial power over the land and people. Blacks were not recruited into the North until they started loosening and needed very badly, the needed soldiers. The South was almost in New York before the North started recruiting blacks. The North needed money, men and supplies for the army during the war. They broke the treaties with the American Indians and started a land rush. They needed silver, iron, copper, and horses and the West was where they got it from.

The media hides the truth from the world as well. They create the image of a nation being equal with normal traditional families of all races and create the idea that there are no problems. All of us know better then that.

The U.S. Buffalo Soldiers for decades they became the guardians of our national parks before they were dismantled. They did all of the hard labor jobs and all of the service jobs. They were not included in parades, dances or other public functions. This was the standard in all of the armed forces until the late 60?s for all blacks.

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter spent 19 years in prison on trumped-up charges and later found innocent after he was too old to fight and why? A racist corrupt police force and judicial system used him as an easy way to close the case and reinforce the next great white hype in boxing. It was because the establishment could not stand to see another Joe Lewis. Look at Muhammad Ali.

From the start of film making the white man always played the oriental, blacks and any other race until the late 60's. Bruce Lee had looked too much of a Chinese look to have his face revealed in the Green Hornet movie or to be the star in the TV series Kung Fu in the 70's.

Carl Brashear dared and fought for the right to become a U.S. Navy Master Diver despite ruthless training and discrimination along with losing a leg. He made it and became the first Afro-American to achieve this rank.

The Sphinx in Kemet is called "Horemakhet" which means Hr/ru on the horizon. It is the face of Hr/ru who was born on December 25th and the son of A/sar and A/set. A/sar was the 1st to raise from the grave as did Jesus and after his death he made his virgin wife pregnant with Hr/ru around 3,000 BC.

Dr. Elena Pischikova in 2005, in South el-Asasif rediscovered the tombs of the great Priest Karakhamun of the 25th dynasty which was 2,700 years ago and those who supported him Irtierm, and Karabasken. The tombs were not built on the ground but dug in to the lime stone as grand temples. Through out the years they were plundered by the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Arabs and modern day Egyptians. Dr. Pischikova was working for the Smithsonian Institute on several other excavations in the area. When she found the tombs she went to have the Institute to finance the dig but they told her that it was no importance to her and to forget about them.

Now you must understand that the Institute had always supported digs of importance and in fact this was more important than others in the same area that she was assigned too. The reason of this was the tombs were the only time in which the Europeans talked about blacks ruling Egypt. Keep in mind that the priest kept the history and the teachings of the land and these tombs hold the truth of the Kemet Civilization.

We are led to think that blacks are the minority but in reality whites are. When you watch T.V. there are white cowboys and only a few black cowboys but in reality there were Hispanic, black, Indian and oriental cowboys too, but they too have been written out of history.

In legal contracts or documents for the car, home, rental, doctors etc. All these words that we can not understand have meanings, just so that we do not really know what we are signing. So we act like we do know or ask the representative what does it mean and we take their word for it. One time I ask the representative, they did not know the meaning of the words.I signed it any way because I needed the service that they had to offer.

The religion of the Kemet people gave us the father and son and Holy Ghost which did lead to the Roman Catholic religion. The Judaism, Christian and Muslim religions came much later from the great libraries in Timbuktu, Alexandria and other universities of that time.


A lot of conquered people find themselves not motivated to succeed in life, due to: These things really implanted in to the subconscious mind. This complex will lead to hating your self and society because you think the whole world is like that. Subconsciously that is why most of the Black people in America feel and act the way you do now.

Now in these days we have these doctors feeding everybody pills and giving people treatment for the systems when the cause is being evaluated by the elite, media and doctors. The root of the problem is the less money you make and the more self-initiated problems a individual will have. This goes for all races and classes with in our society. This is the mental side of the economical and social control which is a form of brain washing. The Doctors call it economical weathering.

People need to:

Conquerors can be conquered and history shows it. The Northern half of the Kemet Civilization was taken over by the Persians for several decades. Then King Piankhi (Piye) of the Kush nation kicked out the Libyans and the Syrians, and started the fourth and last golden age which is the 25th Dynasty. The 25th Dynasty restored and added to the great nation of Kemet everything that was taken from the conquerors of the past.

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