Black History

(updated: 6/16/18)

The Black Race

This is my theory on the things my research has led me to believe. Keep in mind that the majority of all races have good, hard working, law abiding, self-respecting people. It is only the few who are the elite in every race that controls the population. This is done through changing history via the various types of the media.

The black race needs to be inspired to improve the future generations and to stop the oppression. The black race with the technology of today cannot use the past as an excuse for not achieving a well rounded type family situation in their adulthood. It is up to the black individual to remove the bars of oppression because these are just bars of thought. In other words we cannot let our negative thoughts of the past lead us in our daily routines because our negative bars of thought are the only things stopping the black individual from what goals they may have in life.

The black people have so many different names for their race: Negro, colored, black, nigger, Afro-American. These names represent different types of black people who have different ideas, beliefs and goals. The Negro does not care what happens to the black race because he is happy with the little things he’s getting. The nigger puts down his race and believes in self only. The colored is happy with what he has but cares more for the struggle of his race more than the Negro. The blacks are willing to fight for their rights within our nation and the Afro-American is willing to fight for all blacks around the world.

This is where name calling plays on the subconscious by using negative words like bitch, nigger, tom or just talking in a negative manner in general of the black race. This is mental slavery in the true educational sense. No other race the Whites, Latino, Asian, and European puts themselves and their race down so much. This divides a race mentally, physically, spiritually and verbally.

Here are some subtle ways that they are stealing our ways of life and we do not see it. This is the cycle of the conquerors, they can change the wording, writing, speech, media, laws, habits, beliefs or change history to whatever they want. For example the word “hue” means color so really the word human means the colored man. When Columbus discovered America he made a mistake by thinking some islands in the Caribbean was India so he makes it right by saying this is West India. Kemet is Egypt, Sealth is Seattle, and Lakota is Dakota. Why do they call the 1900’s the 20th century? We are led to think that blacks are the minority but in reality whites are. On TV for example we were led to believe that most cowboys were white. In reality back in the 1800’s cowboys were not only white but there were Hispanic, black, Indian and oriental cowboys too.

This type of negativity is what the establishment wants because it keeps a race from learning, getting and holding good jobs, as well as keeping a race too busy living from day to day to get involved in any thing else. Now when you have a lot of people feeling this way and still trying to do right thing the tension grows. The Black race really needs to see and know the cycles of life so that when a person is raised being told that they are no good then that person starts to self destruct subconsciously. This goes for the people in any race that is in the cycle of life who does the same thing generation thru generation. For people who speak negatively and act negatively towards each other they are subconsciously conquered or brainwashed and this is common in this situation. These cycles must be broken before the black race respects its self enough to be equal to other races in this economical world. There is good in every one and we need to find, see and speak on these positive issues every day of our lives. If we do not speak up about our real ancient history and continue to ignore our real history then we will have no chance to get out of this mental slavery that most of us are in today which means we will continue the cycle of being fearful in our lives.

The Black American races are now and always have been living with post traumatic slave disorder. The Black race has been taught by the church that as long as they believe in the church that god will make every thing alright or do not worry about your problems because Jesus will make sure things will be fine. Ancient Blacks had their own land, culture, religion, civilization and government. They called god by his own name in his own language and now through out the years of slavery all the Black man has is the Koran or bible that they pray to which is not even their own god it is the masters or conqueror’s religion who killed our ancestors and all the wisdom, beliefs, traditions, religion, language, songs, etc., etc., etc. (See the UNESCO #2 1979 Slave Documents found in the Library of Congress or the UN library. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) web site:

I think every one is aware of the wrong doings of the racist elite and their followers from the beginning of the American slavery days to the late 1960’s. Through all of this time the Black Americans felt that they will never learn about their heritage before the slavery days.

When the American slave trade started, the European Union was colonizing all of the countries in Africa. Any refugees from these countries that wandered into the west coast countries were taken as slaves and sold to the Portuguese for bars of iron. Through DNA we might be able to trace our genes back to an African country or tribe. The odds are most ancestors of the blacks in America are from the Kemet Civilization. As the black researchers keep excavating, more information will come to light about our ancient ancestors of the Kemet Civilization.

The media hides the truth from the world as well. They create the image of a nation being equal with normal traditional families of all races and create the idea that there are no problems. Some examples of these injustices are:

the U.S. Buffalo Soldiers who did all of the hard labor jobs and service jobs and were not included in parades, dances or other public functions. This was the standard in all of the armed forces until the late 1960’s.

Ruben "Hurricane" Carter spent 20 years in prison on trumped up charges and later found innocent after he was too old to fight. And why? Because a racist corrupt police force and judicial system used him as an easy way to close a murder case which prevented him from becoming the second black heavy weight boxing champion of the world because the establishment could not stand to see another Joe Lewis.

From the start of film making the white man always played the oriental, black or anyone of color - until the 1960’s.

Bruce Lee had too much of a Chinese look to have his face revealed in the Green Hornet TV series. He was also denied any role in the Kung Fu movie and TV series in the 1970’s.

Carl Brashear dared and fought for the right to become a US Navy Master Diver despite ruthless training and discrimination along with loosing a leg. He made it and became the first Afro-American to achieve this rank and grade.

We can go on for days and days on the wrong doings to people of color in America and it still has not stopped. This is the way our government was set up from the beginning. This instills the present day idea to the white elites that they have the power which they still retain today. This also gives the idea that they are and always will be superior to all of the other races of the world.


There are over 1,200 Black inventors so far in America which helped make the world what it is today. You can find a lot of this information at the Denmarkly World Institute in Houston TX. Some examples of the inventors from our recorded past are; James S. Adams for the airplane propeller, A.P. Ashborn for the biscuit cutter, A.C. Bally for the folding bed, James A. Browder for the coin changer, Andrew Brears for the rotary engine and the coupler for train cars, Beethoven was a world renowned European composer, and more inventions:

letter box stainless pads corn and cotton planter
ironing board pacemaker control guided missile
disposable syringe horse bridle bit home security system
the horse shoe lawn mower typewriter
train alarm image converter radiation detector
peanut butter    

Deregulations are to keep the public uneducated about what is really going on with our politicians . Through this process the private industry makes record profits and the health of structures, land and the people depletes. In 2012 I noticed that the new drugs on the market might help in one way but the side affects can be as much as a dozen and much more serious than the original problem even life threatening. It is cheaper to pay for a law suit than to fix the problem. In most cases the only way to make a corporation pay to fix things is only if a large number of people get hurt. Or in other words if the poor class of people voice their opinion it falls on deaf ears and if the middle class and up voice their opinion it is followed with action from the politicians most of the time.

It was reported on the stock market channel 2-25-12 CNBC network that in 2012 corporate tax was 1.2% and they had the highest profit in 50 years. The people paid 30% in taxes. CEO’s in the US get paid more than any other CEO in any other country. The stock market doubled in the last 3 years. In 7-12 CNN claims that the unemployment rate for whites is 7.5% and the rate for blacks is 14.2%.

The basic idea of America being united is true as far as the states being united into one nation. But as a people of that nation, we have never been equally united as a nation. Not by race, economically, educationally, politically or in any other way due to the ruling white elite classes of this nation. The organizations of religion, government and corporations accept only those who do not have bad records and those that have followed all of the rules to be a good citizen. The reason for that is because of their obedience and they will do what ever they are told to.

Mental slavery in the true educational sense for the American slave owners started with Willy Lynch. He showed them how to mentally break and control the black race which is still in practice today. The Black race is used by elite white leaders to learn how to fine tune their social controls through positive and negative reinforcement of fear, punishment, and rewards. Controlling the black race behavior or brainwashing blacks through arranging the movements in the social world, thinking, feeling, seeing and hearing, church, media and many other ways which is mental slavery in the true educational sense.

The media is the tool of the ruling class. It also reflects the changes that are going on in that ruling class. There is a magazine called Demographics that is for the businessman to show the population changes that are taking place and where they are in their values and habits. These people could market their products to further their own political and economical interest in order to maintain the social, political, and economical control. When the media refers to the family values, it is not talking about the black family but the white family. There are various types of families. The traditional white family meaning married couples with children is only 25% of the American household. In 1970, it was 40%, 1980-30%, and 1991-25%. Now in 2011, it is less than 20%. 29% are married couples without children; 25% are people living alone, and 5% are people just living together that are not related. The media wants you to or has you believing that most families are married couples with children and it is not. It is like this in most races. Before the American Revolution 1/3 of the white children were born out of wedlock. In the 1700 & 1800’s, 1/3 of the brides were pregnant. In 1970, the statistics were the same. In some southern states you can legally marry someone as young as 9 or 10 years of age. The media creates these images of a normal traditional family and thus creates this problem which is mental brainwashing in the true educational sense.

The government and private corporation study of the single parent family has normally been applied and believe to be the problem of the colored races. In fact this problem is in all races. It does not matter what the problem may be cocaine, unemployment, crime etc., etc., etc. is not assisted by the government unless it affects the upper middle class whites and above.

As long as we do not talk about these things, the gap will keep growing between the races in education, health, wealth, legal injustices and housing. Through the media our society has raised us to believe that it is up to us as individuals to be successful. So if you do not make it, it is your own fault. I have seen black men work twice as hard as any white man and they still are having a hard time in life even though they did all of the right things. This is due to the large gaps in employment, housing, education and so on between the white and black races, In the years between 2005 and 2011 referring to the total wealth of a race the white race lost 15%, the black race lost 55% and the Latino race lost 65%. If we don’t talk about the divisions in the races, the young people will see it and believe that it is natural for the whites to be treated better than the blacks or browns. People already has given up their true race to think that they will never be as good or well off as the whites even though they did every thing right. We must teach and educate our race to what is really going on in our society.

Ever since the 60’s, the racial discussion has gone underground with the white elite classes and the media. They pushed the idea through the news agencies over and over for the last 50 years. Knowing how if things are repeated over the years, the public will start believing it. So we have today with mixed marriages and people of color in sports, politics and a public that has closed their eyes to the subtle ways of racism. In fact it is so subtle that most young and closed minded people today believe that there is none or very little racism going on. But it is a fact and an ongoing issue in every aspect of our lives which we cannot close our eyes to. It is important to us to know and really think about this now because we are living in these negative cycles today and as long as the people voice themselves it will be heard to a degree of each one of those different cycles and our vibration tone of our voices will determine how much our government, corporations, religions and media will respond to us as a race or civilization.

All of the politicians talk about the health care problem in general but not about the racial health care problems or racial health disparities in the universal coverage or private coverage. Africans who come here from their home land have better health when they come here to live. After living here in America for 2 to 3 years they have the same health problems from the stress and American food as people who were born here. 100’s of health studies show that the accumulative affect of racial discrimination on people of color has an independent affect on health and that causes the excess release of hormones like cortisone build up, which helps plaque build up in the arteries, which is related to hypertension, which is related to heart disease and strokes. The elite, government, and corporations are aware of the studies of these accumulative affects which is called weathering. This is mental and physical slavery in the true educational sense.

When you look at America, you have to see it as it is; a white male elite establishment, which is the ruling Elite Class. The problems of the other class struggles that is going on within their communities in turn affect the ruling elite class children. It has always been the plan to have Blacks made to be consumers not business owners and that is our role forever in the eyes of the elite.

The media will have you believe it is family values and hide the facts it is the government breaks, tax-cuts, loans, and health programs that make other races successful. You will see the same family values are basically in every race. It is the state of economies and the assistance that we receive is what determines the wealth of a race. Voting does not give us the real power to change our system. The Jewish people have 3% of the US population, so they did not get their power through voting. The white male elite has control of the US government, which is less than 1% of the US population. We cannot even say that they have the voting power. Voting does not give race power. The black race need to be taught, trained and need to act in the way to develop the means to activate the developing power. Unity is when you have the net worth spread out evenly among the race.

If black people see their lives having no value then why should the black people see value in the buildings; the law; the city; the white people who enforce and make the rules or you cannot see value in something if you don’t see value in yourself. Every day we see rejection on people’s faces or in different places. Every time a person feels rejected anywhere, with any race; it takes a little out of you. Year after year of this; why should you be expected to respect it or appreciate it? Do not forget that this rejection was 10 times worse for our parents and grand parents. That mental feeling is passed on to the next generation. This is mental slavery in the true educational sense.

We must take this leap into consciousness and open our minds to accept the truth of our true history which is about our great ancient ancestors. It will help us under stand our present day problems and give us the knowledge to plan for our grand children’s future.

We must be self-reliant, which means we cannot look to the white establishment for salvation; we must find it in one another and in ourselves. We must not look for help or leadership to come from the white establishment. We must have more black institutions with Black leadership which provide Black American agendas for Black American empowerment. Power is the only thing that will satisfy men. We must challenge any group who holds us back in life. The black race needs to be equal if not lead in the economic, commercial, industrial, technical, financial powers of the American nation. Marcus Garvey says self-reliance is self-respect.

We must teach and educate our race as to what is really going on in our society. Here are some antidotes to end mental slavery. If you are one with an open mind you will be able to see what is really happening to the Black race. We must recognize and acknowledge that most of us have been brainwashed and use ours minds and think for ourselves. We need to stop looking to other races to do for us. We need to demand accountability from our leaders, preachers, teachers, politicians, and entertainers. We need to be a first class citizen, profit maker and parent. We need to think before we laugh at jokes, ask ourselves if the joke’s on us or other black folks. We need to demand more from lyrics and videos. We need to demand a return on our investment. We need to be outraged of injustices wherever we find it, especially black on black. We must be the center of our own control and a self-appointed leader for our families and communities. We need to stop looking outside of ourselves and our community for validation.

In the Black community there is a lot of us who do not think too far in to the future. We need to be a lot more consciousness of our future. Where do we want to be 50 years down the road or what do we want for our grandchildren? We need to know who we are; how we got here and where we are going in order to be a race of people who has control of the distant future. We need to think like the white race that knows where they will be in the future and knows the future of their grandchildren. Even though blacks have the knowledge it is not enough, blacks need to reinvest in our race and become business owners and land owners in order to have a well rounded race like the whites, Chinese, Germans, British, etc. etc. etc.

The goal of Marcus Garvey was to unite all the black people around the world as one. I would like to see the blacks in America united to promote pride, self-improvement, harmony and love between all of the blacks. Then we as a race can unite the people of the world as one.