Kemet Religion

The Kemet religion relates science with religion by teaching the very basic methods of the technology of the soul and spirit coming together with the cosmos.

The Kemet Religion is for everybody.

These teachings were meant to be told to anyone in any race, in any class, or anyone with an open mind. This is the key to world peace, and peace with in yourself. No matter where you come from or what you think or may believe in, your life will be improved consciously and/or subconsciously in one way or another, just by knowing about the basic teachings of the Kemet Civilization.

The kemet religion basically is about being as positive as you can, in every way possible about everything. The only thing we take with us when we pass is our emosions. If we die being filled with anger, then we will find our hell. If we die not ready to go, then we will be a gost on earth. If we are willing to accept death and is at peace with what we had done in our life time, then we will go to a place that is equal to this life. If we are willing to accept death and is at peace with what we had done in our life time and being as positive in every way possible about everything. Respecting every different life form that there is. From the ant to human and other bings and from weeds to giant trees. If you truely do live your life with just these simple things in you heart, soul and mind. Then you will go to heaven or an after life full of happiness. 

In the Kemet philosophy we are here to improve our spiritual self. That is our main reason for being here. We are encouraged to be one with nature, the cosmos and consider the scientific ways of the universe to improve our self in this life. For exanple, prayer is used in every religion to get help in one way or another from thier God. Most religions pray to God for help by asking over and over again. The kemet uses prayer through meditation which is the same as praying, but we look at God as the Universal Mind, the Creater. Prayer is taken from the Kemet religion to recive cosmic or Gods help.

The kemet religion is not reserved only for the elite people in public and private organizations of the Roman Catholic Church, Illuminati, Masons, Rosicrucian's, book writers, royal families and special government departments. The above organizations has been useing and teaching the Kemet religion for hundreds of years. These organizations practice the teachings of the Kemet's behind closed doors to keep the general population living in a state of fear and to keep us from the teachings, thus we are always staying blind. They want us to live our life from day-to-day, paycheck-to-paycheck, living as followers in a nice comfort zone. They had just changed the teachings of religion to make it easier for them to rule over thier followers. As King James did with his bible. They can add their own man-made ideas and rules to manipulate the people who is under their rule or to stay in power and to make money. One example, is to keep you in fear of the after life.
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