Eleven Nations from our Modern Day History

This picture is from one of the domes that is in one of the buildings of the Library of Congress. This is the only acknowledgement of the Kemet Civilization from the American and European records of history. Each nation took knowledge of the Kemet Civilization and applied it to their own contribution to our present modern day civilization to make it, as we know it today. The only other place that gives tribute to the Kemet Civilization is in books, videos and websites that was made by Black Educators.

The library of Congress is called the Minerva (Temple of Learning) and Minerva was a female god from the Roman days who had wisdom and power. If you go to the main reading room in the Library of Congress, painted on the dome ceiling is a pictorial clock starting with Egypt (or should I say Kemet). This clock depicts the 11 great nations which developed our modern day civilized world. It also shows what the conquerors of the world took from Kemet. The great university library in Timbuktu, Alexandria and other universities of that time.

Refer also to the detailed table below for a close up look at the image of each nation.

Kemet Civilization Timeline

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1 Written Records View Image Egypt
2 Religion View Image Judea
3 Philosophy View Image Greece
4 Administration View Image Rome
5 Physics View Image Islam
6 Modern Languages View Image Middle Ages
7 Fine Arts View Image Italy
8 Printing View Image Germany
9 Discovery View Image Spain
10 Literature View Image England
11 Emancipation View Image France
12 Science View Image America


Knowledge and Power

I am a strong believer that knowledge of the true history of man and the true history of yourself leads to the power of self.

See our Timeline and do some of your own research to verify my findings.

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