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EISI - Introduction

Information gathered by David Dawn


Self Improvement and Motivation

E.I.S.I stands for "Education in Self Improvement"

Our EISI Self Motivation website is to help replace the lost family value, that is in each generation of a single parent family. Lost family values grow with each generation. Many families are into their 3rd or 7th generation of a single parent family. This is part of the problem for our next generation for parents. This cycle needs to be stopped. Our next generation for parents need to change the negative cycles that is within their family. The cycle of single parent families needs to stop in order for the children to have a better chance to live a good life. Parents need to make sure that the person who they are marrying in life or having a baby from is their best friend as well. With this in mind it will help reduce the single parent family. Our children needs 2 parents throughout their life to learn how to run a well rounded family.

The more a family or individual is well-rounded in the many different aspects of life, the better chance a person has to be successful in life. We encourage a healthy lifestyle in every way of life. A healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially is in the makings of every well-rounded family or individual. We need to harness our inner and outer energy that is available to all of us every day to create a positive and motivational environment for ourselves, family and community. We will elaborate much more on this subject at a later time. 

We are here to motivate any person in any aspect of life with education through self-motivation. All human beings need motivation. That is why we have prayer, spiritual, mental, physical and diet programs, mentors, trainers, gyms, schools, churches, advisers, books like the Bible, different religions etc., etc., etc. All of these things are different ways to inspire a person to achieve their goals through motivation. We are one of these many different tools of self-motivation.

Let us help you in being more positive with everything within and around you. Embark on your journey of self-improvement thru various perspectives. It does not matter what your problem is because through self-motivation and willpower you can overcome most mental problems. You will be more positive and feel better about most physical problems. People need to take control of their own life, quit being spoiled, jealous, greedy and quit wanting everything right now.

The good things in life take time. Change the negative cycles that are in your life. Choose the things from this site that you can use in your life and use it to better yourself, family and surroundings.


Motivation and Techniques for Teenagers coming into Adulthood

We are introducing education and inspirational teachings to show teenagers getting ready to be young adults. We are showing different ways of self improvement for living on your own and to be a productive citizen.

Topics include:
(a) Cycle of Emotions,
(b) Diamond in the Rough,
(c) Inspiration of Young Adults,
(d) Lessons for Being Accepted,
(e) Lifecycles of Runaways

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Family Values and Historical Perspectives

Focus for single parent families

Topics include: Young Adults Raising Children

We can help in mentoring on family values like respect, showing kids why education is very important, disciplining, and understanding one another in the relationship of teenagers with their parents. We can show the parents how the needs of kids change with age and thus the parents needs to change their techniques in discipline and responsibilities for the child and parents.
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Physical, Mental, and Spiritual

Improve your Well-being

Topics include:
(a) Facts on Acupuncture,
(b) Mental and Physical Health,
(c) Plant Based Diet

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Historical Perspectives

Modern day repeated cycle of the conquerors and how it is kept out of sight.

Topics include:
(a) The Rise of Post-Racial Politics and the Retreat from Racial Equity,
(b)The Marcus Garvey Movement

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