Golden Ages

A golden age is a time period when a specific culture when cultural advancements can be observed at their highest point. These ages are often followed by a decline, where new cultural products are derivative and less inspired and where politics begin to veer off from their initial course. Generally speaking, however, these time periods are simply a sort of cultural explosion occurs where new developments and new ideas that benefit society as a whole happen. It is frequently premature to call a new event a golden age, therefore, since without being able to foretell the future, it's impossible to view its decline. The term generally relates to things of the past and should not be applied to present events or cultural developments.

Kemet Civilization Golden Ages

For example, Africa's first Golden Age began at the beginning with the birth of man and the development of organized societies. It is general conceded in most scholarly circles that mankind originated in Africa; this makes the African man the father and the African woman the mother of mankind.It can be said with a strong degree of certainty that Africa has had three Golden Ages. The first two reached their climax and were in decline before Europe as a functioning entity in human society was born.

American and European anthropologists agree that the first inhabitants lived in north-east Africa. They claim Adam and Eve did exist 105,000 years ago in what is now called Kenya. In 1959, the white European anthropologist, Mary Leakey found in the borders of Kenya and Tans Zaire the remains of a man found which dates back 1,700,000 years. This proves the first man with a modern day skeleton was in Africa. After that discovery, they found a woman with a modern day skull named Lucy which dated back 2 million years. The black manís history goes back over 2 million years. The Black race are the original people of humanity and who was made in the image and likeness of G-d.

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The goals of our website are to educate and enlighten not only the Black race, but all the races, of the ancient Kemet Civilization. Not knowing our real and very true history affects all of us as individuals and as a race.

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