Ancient Black History

A quote from Dr. John A. Clark which really states what way we must look at our own family and racial history and if you really understand it you will see the light of our ancient ancestors. Along with knowing why we must change the negative cycles that we live in.

"History is a clock that the people use to tell their cultural and political time of day and history is a compass people use to find their selves on the map of human geography. History tells the people who they were and where they were, as well as whom they are and where they are. The most important role of history is to tell the people where they must go and where they must be. The relationship between a person and history is the same as the relationship between a child and its mother."

According to the history books, the white race was just coming out of their caves in 3,000 BC. The American and European historians claim this was the time the Samarian's earliest writings existed. Look at the history Time Line Page and you can wonder why the Kemet Civilization has been writen out of the American and European history books.

The Kemet Nation developed the idea of civilized thought which has influenced humanity around the world. The Kemet Nation was the first nation of our modern day history. It consisted of what is now called Egypt and Ethiopia and was founded in 3,200 B.C.E.

In the Kemet philosophy brings the past, present and the future together as one. People need to learn how to stop the negative patterns and cycles with in our own life. The only way to do this is to be very honest with yourself as you learn to know our true history of our ancient ancestors and of our own true history of our own family.

The only thing most people know of these modern times is the history, religion, culture, philosophy and social structure of a conqueror. That is why the Americans who have history within their family from different countries refers to themself as American Japanese, American Italian, American German, etc., etc., etc. The only race that does not refer to their mother land is the Black Race of America.

Now in 2018 there is a new age of people living in America, who is mixed with two or more different races and they believe that the different races that is in them has no influence on their life. I believe that they are wrong.

I believe that they should know the history of each race that they are mixed with. If a mixed person knows the history and language of each race that is within them then they will be so much more knowledgeable then the average person. Thus subconsciously they will live a much better life in religion, philosophy and social status.

Most people are living his story and not their own true history. Conquerors call this brain washing the conquered. Only when we are honest with ourselves, is the only time when we will see what is needed in order to change our negative cycles in our mental, physical, and social life.

Remember, we need to get out of our comfort zone and be more open minded to new or different ideas to continue to learn and to improve our spiritual self and quality of life. The knowledge of the world is always changing with new discoveries and in this case, our true history.
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