672 to 525 BC, the 26th Dynasty ruled.

Menkheperre Nekau I (Necho I): 672-664 BC - Father of Psamtik I.

Bakare Tantaman: 664-653 BC - Lost control of Upper Egypt in 656 BC.

Wahibre Psamtik I (Psammetichus I): 664-610 BC - Son of Necho I and father of Necho II.

Wehemibre Necho II (Necho II): 610-595 BC - Son of Psamtik I and father of Psamtik II.

Haaibre Wahibre Apries: 589-570 BC - Son of Psamtik II

Khnemibre Ahmose II / Amasis II: 570-526 BC - Father of Psamtik III.

Ankhkaenre / Psamtik III (Psammetichus III): 526-525 BC - Son of Amasis II