1190 to 1077 BC, the 20th Dynasty ruled.

Usermaatre-meryamun Ramesses III: 1186-1155 BC - Fought the Sea Peoples in 1175 BC. Died assassinated in a harem plot.

User/Heqamaatre-setpenamun Ramesses IV: 1155-1149 BC

Usermaatre-sekheperenre Ramesses V: 1149-1145 BC

Nebmaatre-meryamun Ramesses VI: 1145-1137 BC

Usermaatre-setpenre-meryamun Ramesses VII: 1137-1130 BC

Usermaatre-akhenamun Ramesses VIII: 1130-1129 BC

Neferkare-setpenre Ramesses IX: 1129-1111 BC

Khepermaatre-setpenptah Ramesses X: 1111-1107 BC

Menmaatre-setpenptah Ramesses XI: 1107-1077 BC - Ended rule sharing power with High Priest of Amun, Herihor ruling in the south and Smendes I ruling in the north, a period known as Wehem Mesut.