1292 to 1186 BC, the 19th Dynasty ruled and includes one of the greatest pharaohs, Rameses II the Great.

Menpehtire Ramesses I: 1292-1290 BC

Menmaatre Seti I: 1290-1279 BC

Usermaatre-setpenre Ramesses II the Great: 1279-1213 BC - The ruler usually associated with Moses; he reached a stalemate with the Hittites at the Battle of Kadesh in 1275 BC, after which a peace treaty was signed in 1258 BC

Banenre Merenptah: 1213-1203 BC - A stele describing campaigns in Libya and Canaan contains the only extant reference to "Israel” in Ancient Egyptian records.

Menmire-setpenre Amenmesse: 1203-1200 BC

Userkheperure Seti II: 1203-1197 BC

Sekhaenre/Akhenre Merenptah Siptah: 1197-1191 BC

Satre-merenamun Tausret: 1191-1190 BC - A rare female ruler also known as Tawosret in some places, she was probably the wife of Seti II.